Friday, August 5, 2011


RUSH: We had a story yesterday, we didn't get around to it, the Russians have issued a series of postage stamps honoring Obama on his 50th birthday. Did you know that? (interruption) No, no, no, no. Not joking about this. The Russians have issued a series of postage stamps to honor Obama on his 50th birthday. (interruption) Why are you surprised? Well, you gotta thug regime made up of former and not so former communists. Of course they would admire Obama. Obama is doing to this country what they were trying to do for 50 years and failed at. Of course they would honor Obama.

I hate to break the news to 'em, but the US is beating 'em to the punch. We already issue stamps honoring Obama's accomplishments. They're called food stamps, and we got a record number of people that are on food stamps. We also had that story yesterday, we didn't get to it. Record number of people on food stamps, all-time high. News that didn't get a lot of attention for some reason. And here we were thinking that we were in the middle of our second recovery summer.

By the way, can you buy dirt soup with food stamps? Remember that sound bite we had yesterday, this woman was talking about making dirt soup for the kids. Can you buy a photo of yourself with Obama with food stamps? Can you do that? I mean, can you show up at one of his fundraisers and buy a photo of yourself with Obama with a food stamp? Well, the possibilities are limitless here. Or is he still charging $10,000 for a photo? At a fundraiser, yeah, $10,000, plus whatever flour they have to buy to put in his hair, make it look gray. I don't care what they do, the guy's never gonna look older than 12. He's never gonna act older than 12. He's always gonna look like a man-child, and Moochelle is out there saying he's earning every gray hair. I could believe it living with her, but not because of the job of being president.

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