Friday, August 5, 2011


People are now panicking. The fear is real ... palpable ... you can cut it with a knife. Seniors, who once felt safe, are freaking out. People now know, they fully understand ... we might not get our country back. Restored to some measure of health. And the faux, supra-constitutional (IslamoCommieTraitor) "President". Is just/only a congenital liar. And many (most?) of our Representatives and Senators, are the same. And more people do see, that most all "news" now, is also the same (all f*cking lies).

Our world, will never be the same. Repeat ... our world, will NEVER be the same. Sorry ... I really am (but hey ... don't listen to me).
Normal, everyday average citizens are starting to lose their mellow groove. Snipping at one another (even snapping). And the left's bizarre, scary cognitive dissonance (complete, total, and absolute). Is only making the situation worse (CBS: "dirt soup"). Yes, the totality does make me feel like a belly gunner in a B-17 .... headed for Nazi Germany, in the daytime. And ... I only have twenty four more daylight missions yet to go.

You? Don't panic. Keep YOUR cool. Stay in pocket (if you can). Your life, your family's lives depend on it. I don't know if we're going to make. I really don't. But I'm not throwing in the towel. I'm not quitting, and I'm not giving up. Check yourselves peeps. DO NOT allow yourself to become part of the problem. We rise together. Or we fall apart. Go 'head, and head on over to your local church, congregation, or temple. Or of course, hang with some locals at one of Beck's upcoming viewing parties (for you early morning types). Do. Stay connected. IN THE ATOMIC.

To the libturd nation, the IslamoCommieJunta in DC, Mooselimb State Media, and the buzzing insect horde [now pollinating all those lovely flowers in the Middle East (nee Arab Spring)].

Addendum, 3:00 p.m.

Via Drudge

Stocks in U.S. Rise on Bets of More Stimulus by Fed

"U.S. stocks climbed, erasing earlier losses and preventing the longest Dow Jones Industrial Average slump since 1978, as investors speculated the Federal Reserve will start another stimulus program. Treasuries 10-year notes erased gains and the dollar slid."

GHUA ...


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