Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beam me up Scotty, there is no integritive life on this planet!

H dub said: "no new taxes."

Boehner said: "no blank checks" (... & no tricks).

Sh*t fool, we're coming up on 10 a.m. (PST) now, and it looks like you're doing all you can. To give that stanknasty IslamoCommie traitor, a whole stack of blank checks (and tossing in a box of flavored corn puffs for good measure).


Yeah, I (as in me) weren't titanium spined, on the debt ceiling. Was flexible (don't hate). Thought it would get us some forward motion/progress. Towards where we want to go, where we need to go. Obviously, I ain' that smart. And guess what? Those who did stand on principle, indeed were the light, were the way. Were our only salvation, our last hope, our last chance (that's right, all past tense) on this rudderless, sinking ship.

I understand pragmatism (she does have her charms and wiles), waiting .... for November 6, 2012. And those magical few extra Senate seats. Well, what makes you think you're going to get them (my sweet dear jellyfish), huh? Yes, the White House
IS ours, Make No Mistake (none). But ya didn't fight til the end, for the Ryan plan (nor PennyMac). You gave up. Instead of cutting that piece of filth off at the knees? You bake that traitorous scum Buraq Hussein, a f*cking birthday cake! This isn't politics, it is insanity. Pure. Revolting.

No, I'm not as freaked out as the morning after ... the health care reform bill was passed (and I don't have the TV or radio on now, as I'm plinking this. So I have no idea what the clown patrol is up to?). Whence the fully lethal fascists' handiwork could be seen. Docking the HCR mothership in the sky, casting a long dark shadow, over this whole (former) Land of Liberty. But I am through with go along, to get along. Yes. Even with pretending (once in a while), to be civil with those (walking talking pieces of excrement) across the aisle.

Watching Pelosi, yesterday afternoon in the House. Yammering, doddering, crazed (as usual). Pointing her craggy finger (still moist/redolent with eau de Obama) ... at the Repubs. And every other turdmonkey Dem in the House, wildly barking the same out their cloaca's: OMG... (there's) Republicans (here) ... run away!

You can't write or script this fiction. You can't, it is not possible [not even by an infinite number of (drunk) monkeys]. Those who can still spell r e a l i t y? Now find it as scary as it has ever been, ever. Not just incredulous, to witness citizens living/existing entirely in another completely different dimension. But seeing our (so called) leaders and heads of govt., permanently out to lunch as well ... [who the f*ck was Pelosi speaking to, huh? Geebus (cue video Truman Show/Truman asking his wife Meryl: "who [the fook] are you talking to?" [he speaking with aggrieved, desperate consternation])].

Where the f*ck is my spaceship ... I want off this planet. There is no end to this madness. As long as I live, as long as I breathe, I will never surrender my principles again. For anyone. For anything. For any reason or any entreaty of any kind. For they be the only life raft left in this Universe. The last and only one remaining. That's it. There are no more escape capsules.

Bipartisnaship? Compromise?

Beam me up Scotty, there is no integritive life on this planet.


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