Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There's something out there ... in the night. Waiting ... watching. Below the waterline. Unseen, calm. Silent, motionless. And as we approach, our engines ... unbelievably ... not at dead slow, nor slow, or even half. Our engines are at throttle full. Blindly we speed into the void. Into the unknown.

Many (even some like me) think it possible, we have already tripped over the wire. Passed moments Archduke Ferdinand. And that there is no going back. As we race, pell-mell.

Unto Oblivion? That I know not. Nor the length of the cut, or how deep the gash. And whether we sink ... down to the sandy bottom, to a watery grave. Or remain afloat, with or without engines. Or without any remaining fuel. Or even a prop, with which to make shore. Adrift. How long this battle, how great. How many lives will perish?

This struggle against evil, against the forces of darkness shall take many forms. Comprised of many fronts. In ways heretofore unknown. In manner and method which shall yet be revealed by the transgenic, baby raping moong*d death cult. And their abettors in the Reich Ministry/Associated Press/MSNBC/CNN/CBS/ABC/L.A. Daily News. Who are ever so cheerfully doing their part, to aid and comfort the (fully lethal) fascists. D o .. n o t .. b e .. m i s t a k e n, this war ... it has already begun. In whichever fashion, in however many fields? And however many, consumed by however many bombs.

A deranged lunatic goes a killin' in Oslo, and the whole entirety of the Islamist caliphate has a collective, shuddering, spontaneous emission (yeppers, a lotta goats went to sleep lonely that night). And, if you accidentally left your plasma aglow overnight (tuned to al Jazeera). You found "right wing extremist" etched and burned ... into the bottom of the panel. MSM taking rips of the freebase too, getting (flag planting) giddy with it (there isn't a stack of bloody corpses too high). Doing their own convulsive, spasmodic floppity crack dance (on the sidewalk). Posting virtual wanted posters of Michelle Bachmann (not sure if she has an alibi, or can prove/confirm her whereabouts, for Friday). And action charts (with exit locations), of what to do, should you encounter anyone at Whole Foods ... buying tea bags.

The libturd nation, at a loss ... confused, vexed. Unable to explain why, after the messiah (with his bare hands), hath slain Osama. Anyone could possibly still fear the Mooselimbs? There are no laws against stupidity, none against idiocy (though yeah, if the libs had their way). But whence you ignore the laws of gravity? Then the time between ascent (Hope'n Change), and descent (Nov 6, 2012). Is your own mofo's.

And the time between now and open global war? ... Years? ... Nope, that interval will be counted and measured ... in mere days (be it thirty, be it sixty, be it ninety). Which should give Buraq Hussein enough time to transfer thirty billion dollars, to al Qaeda in North Africa, and two billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt [which the Iranians (Sunni or Shi'i ... it all spends), the Norks, the Chinese, or even the Russians will gladly accept].

IS something out there people. Thisaway it wends.


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