Friday, July 29, 2011

Lost Republic

Leader of Seal Team Six basks in his new found glory

I don't mean to burst anyone's hope bubble, noooh. But the cold hard reality is ... the Republic may already be lost? Extremely unpleasant that be. As the IslamoCommie Traitor Buraq Hussein (along with his pals in the junta), destroys America. In the atomic, right before our very eyes [tho' completely unnoticed ... under John Boehner's nose (I think I'll have the lobster)]. Via the economy, domestic policy, national security, and with our spankin' new physical alliance ... with al-Qaeda in North Africa (file that under sh*t ya just can't make up). Far too many others are inured to the crushing round the clock devastation underway.

But beyond the horror we see (with our own eyes). Is the loss of the idea. This idea. This idea most wondrous. America.

All the longing ... for days gone by (when we didn't have a steaming pile of treason occupying the oval office). Cannot stem the warm sticky red humor, flowing out from the stab wound in Lady Liberty's back. Cannot stop the unfolding insanity. For in the minds of too many, America the Idea not only no longer exists. In the generation upon, it never even existed, at all. In the macro ... we can delineate, we can demarcate. Call out, and point to the approaching horde, now marching in lockstep [around the globe (to an azan drumbeat)].

But in the micro, the sub-atomic. The intangible, the unseen. The battle may already be over. No thoughts to barter, no facets to analyze (or to discuss). No solutions to proffer. (For they have) no concept of what is being lost, what is being destroyed. To them it has no value or worth ... never even existed/won't be missed/is already forgotten (OMG ... Ashton is replacing Charlie!).

The path upon which this nation now travels, leads to a place few dare imagine. Not only will things get worse (much). The possibility they will never return/improve, cannot be ignored. How far down this country goes? How severe is the hemorrhaging? At some point, Code Blue/Stat will be heard over the great P.A. in the sky. And I know not, if in that instance, she will survive?

Give up? Too many have already. They of false face, outwardly erect [even walking among us (I have seen them)]. But inwardly, they have already dropped to one knee. Already measured/mapped their existential spot, living under the caliphate. Surrendered. Extend to these cowards, the same trust you would, the heathen goat foogers ... now battering the gate.

In this moment, firmly strapped
into the crucible (as the temperature rises). Will one last blade be forged? One last implement ... that we may smite evil. Only time will reveal. Tick tock ... tick tock. By September we will know.

Maybe it will take an induced coma to save America? With hoped for revival ... at some future date. I know not. She is heavily sedated now, oxygen mask ... I.V.. Her breathing labored, her skin pale, ghostly. Her eyes grey, cloudy, and bleak. And I am afraid.

Man up. Woman up. The day is here (not next week, not next year). Cry not for what was. Or for what is now. Or for what ghastly horror may yet be ... what most definitely will be. Eyes forward, stand tall. That you may look evil in the eye ... and smile. Hellooo filth! And without wincing ... parry. Without gasp ... thrust.

Stand and deliver America.



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