Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthdays, Peaceful Protests and Code Pink Loonies

From the Tunnel Wall  
"As I went to pick up my sign, I noticed Medea Benjamin and her Code pink Cronies approaching Ambassador Bolton. This couldn’t be good I thought to myself. She introduced herself and it wasn’t long before she started her rant."

"They had their bullhorn with them and they started ranting about Ambassador Bolton being a war criminal. Criminal … These are the same despots who gave $600,000.00 to the terrorists in Fallujah, and they have the audacity to accuse Bolton of a crime.....

"I went up to him and put the two signs I had between Bolton and the Code Pink loonies, sheltering him from these vile and despicable individuals. Soon Bev Perlson from the Band of Mothers, and Chad Longel a longtime supporter and Army Vet did the same protecting Bolton from the antics of these attention seeking hippies who hate our military."

Posted by Debbie Lee  "On Aug 2, 2006 she received a knock on the door that would forever change her life. She was notified that her son Marc Alan Lee had been killed in action becoming the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. Since that day Debbie has dedicated her life to honoring our troops and the families of the fallen, defending our defenders and fighting to keep the freedoms that our troops have.
Plus a great comment by one of  our Patriot Guard Riders, God bless 'em.
More at the Tunnel Wall.

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