Monday, July 25, 2011

The Anders Behring Breivik Massacre: The European John Brown's Raid?

First of all, let me say that I, like all true American nationalists and patriots, condemn in no uncertain terms, the bombing and massacre of scores of innocent Norwegians in a dastardly and cowardly surprise attack at the hands of a raving lone wolf psychopath.

However, a large share of the blame must go to the socialist governments of Norway, past and present, who have allowed a tidal wave of lawless Muslim immigrants into a once peaceful and orderly country, and allowed them to exist as dangerous parasites living on welfare and crime with censorship of all attempts at calm public debate under the banner of "multiculturalism."

This Leftist policy that is standard practice by the various socialist governments in Europe allows no rational debate on their crack pot theory of multiculturalism has obviously led a lone wolf killer who existed on the margins of the right wing to explode into murderous and deadly rage! How many more such men are leading lives of quiet desperation under the iron boot of "democratic" socialism in Europe where their arguments against massive Muslim immigration and debates on Islam are not allowed into the public forum?

Hence, we cannot really be surprised when long suppressed feelings of displeasure against an unjust government explodes into violence against people many Rightists have called "traitors." This is the reason I'm calling this massacre of the innocent in Norway, "A European John Brown's Raid" - and like the American version of 1859, it too was designed by its author to ignite the raw passions of a bitterly divided public into bloody civil war.


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